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Mobile Advertising was established in 2001, in response to an urgent need from established businesses in the Pattaya area. Business owners felt the available advertising channels were far from adequate, to attract a fair portion of the huge year round tourist and expatriate population.
Existing newspapers, booklets and television advertising were limited due to their nature. Each existing advertising medium is dependent on a tourist or visitor happening upon them, therefore having to be in the right place at the right time.
Mobile Advertising changed this !!!

Market Penetration
The main form of local public transport in Pattaya are the Baht buses (Song Taew) which operate for at least 18 hours a day 365 days a year. With them, we reach the mass market of tourists & expatriates in Pattaya most effectively and cover the heart of the most populated areas.
The campaign has high impact at street level, meeting pedestrians, third party vehicle drivers and passengers, as well as users of the Baht buses. The media format reaches all of the mass market irrespective of native language or nationality. (People normally only purchase publications in their own native language)
The campaign covers the most populated tourist regions in Pattaya city, including the majority of hotels, attractions, entertainment, shopping, services and restaurants. A campaign on just 10 buses reaches staggering potential 44,000 passengers per month, without taking into account the traffic, pedestrians and passing audience to the outside advertisements.
Getting your message mobile ensures that you really do get the value you are paying for in your advertising budget, as we simply cannot 'under publish' or fabricate our publishing figures.
All our advertisers get a list of the bus numbers their advertisement is placed on and auditing that is a simple matter.
  • Contact: Mr. Mark Chilcott
  • Tel: 038 373 102
  • Mob: 089 289 4286
  • Fax: 038 373 102
  • Url:
  • 225/483-484 Moo 10
    Duck Square
    South Pattaya Road
    Nongprue, Banglamung
    Chonburi 20260

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  • Directions:
    Drive down South Pattaya Road towards Sukhumvit Road and turn right into Duck Square just before you reach Big C Super Center. Mobile Advertising is located on the rear end on your right-hand side.

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