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Do you have a European business that you intend to establish a branch office or set up production facilities in China or elsewhere in Asia?


Would you like to reduce costs by procurement of parts and subassembly or final assembly of components in China or Southeast Asia?

For SME’s (small and medium sized companies) it has become more and more essential to come to terms with the subject of "Asia" because of the immense pressure of cost savings.

Many SME’s have now realized they need to establish long-term strategic goals such as:

  • ’We want to open a branch or a factory in Asia’
  • ’We want to assemble mechanical components in Asia in order to save costs’
  • ’We want to purchase machine parts at lower cost in Asia’
  • ’We want to sell our machines in Asia, but who is doing after-sales service and support’

When it comes to trading in Asia, the outcome can be disastrous for foreign companies with the wrong approach. Companies often notice quickly that many things are very different, more difficult than expected because they are not well versed of Asian business customs and culture. Doing things, which have proven successful in Europe, will not necessarily work in Asia. Disillusionment then quickly sets in and the project is put on hold that had started out promisingly.
Would you rather avoid such misadventures? Then get in touch with BB Euro-Asia we have more than 25 years of experiences in Asia.
We are a team of experienced engineers and business people and native speaking German, Thai and Chinese.
We are assisting companies looking to enter the market particularly in China, Thailand or Taiwan either for:

Set up local facilities like branch office, production and assembly.


Procurement of local made parts and assembly of components or machines at affiliated local companies.

  • Contact: Mr.Bernd Bratsch
  • Tel: (66) 081 - 1539603
  • Url:
  • 54/79 Moo11
    Soi Talman, Nongprue,
    Chonburi 20260

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